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Welcome to Fit Food Express. Where fit begins!store new colors

Fit Food Express is a takeout store specializing in supportive nutrition with one mission in mind: Make it convenient and affordable for people to eat great tasting, healthy meals. We have collaborated with highly qualified nutrition and fitness experts to carefully design meals which will be prepared in our own specialized kitchen facilities and pre-packaged daily into recyclable microwavable containers. Every meal on our menu is labeled with the ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fat meeting today’s most respected healthy-eating standards. Fit Food Express places a strong emphasis on the use of high quality nutrients, good fats, low glycemic carbohydrates, lean protein and other herbs and spices which are recognized as key elements of today’s healthy-eating culture. All our customers need to do is pop one of our meals into the microwave at home or work and in less than 2 minutes they will be eating a great tasting meal they can count on to be healthy. Our concept is simple. That is to provide meals which provide the right metabolic balance centered on proper food combinations and smaller, frequent meals to help stave off hunger, stimulate metabolism and even out blood sugar levels. This will leave you not only feeling great but more importantly, looking great. Remember, healthy living begins with proper nutrition. Come join us at Fit Food Express and let us help you maximize your results in today’s busy world.